We collaborated with Xedev to develop an amorphous formulation for a poorly water soluble compound. First feasibility tests were run with 300 mg API in different polymers. The very profound expertise of the personnel and the great flexibility of the spray drying system ensured a highly efficient process optimization and a successful outcome. e.g. feed rates of 20 g/min. could be achieved and 1.2 kg of spray-dried material were produced.

(Feb 2013 - Grünenthal GmbH)

I have co-operated with Xedev on drug formulation development projects for many years with great success and to full satisfaction. Within a couple of days of work in which we generally apply a number of different techniques from high shear granulation, to spray drying and melt extrusion, we have been able to work up a range of difficult to handle API’s to manufacture finished dosage forms. In several projects that has resulted in new IP, but the main asset for us is that once we have identified a product formula and process at Xedev, we know it can be made on a commercial scale.

(Feb 2013 - Avivia BV)

We have been working with Xedev for many years now in the area of process development for small scale batch manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Although fundamental properties of drug substances and drug products are often well understood, their impact on downstream formulation processing is rarely addressed early on, causing significant delays to occur. In accessing Xedev's specialist material sparing equipment, and more important expertise, has enabled us to speed up our clients programs, and develop robust and scalable processes for product manufacture.

(Jan 2013 - Mark Saunders Co-founder and Development Director at Kuecept Ltd)